Some more information about how we work

Q: Won’t hiring you just add another layer of cost I don’t need?

A: Most people find that the overall cost works out to be the same or less than if they’d done it themselves.  In other words, you get my expertise and help for free, as I can get you access to trade prices on what you buy.

Q: You say you’re eco-aware – you’re not going to be all preachy and tell me I can’t have what I want, are you?

A: No! What I mean is that I’ll choose the British product over the one from the other side of the world, I’ll choose recycled content when it looks good, and I’ll choose low or zero VOC paints that are every bit as functional and versatile as standard brands but you won’t be smelling that new paint smell for days on end after we’ve finished.  See my blog posts here and here for more information on this.

Q: What insurance do you hold in case anything goes wrong?

A: We hold Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance with Trafalgar.  This means that we are insured – and you are protected – in case of an accident or incorrect advice.

Q: If I give you a lump sum in order to buy products, materials and pay contractors etc on my behalf, am I protected?

A: Yes!  Your money goes into a client account which is separate from my business funds.  It is never an asset of the business.  This means that should I go bust (let’s hope not!) your money remains yours and you will not lose a penny.