Project story – Period House – Part 2

As we saw last week, this interior design project was a real blank canvas, and the clients enjoy pattern and colour, so let’s take a look where we ended up.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom - before

Master bedroom – before


Master bed - after

Master bedroom – after







The starting point for the master bedroom was the Coco bed from Loaf, an excellent value quality bed.  The clients have spent some time in Paris, and developed a love for the curvaceous lines of simple French furniture.

We then searched for a wallpaper to complement the greyed oak and calico linen of the bed, and eventually decided on the beautiful Tamaki wallpaper from Romo in French Grey.  This elegant pattern has a muted palette of grey, silver and gold, and we papered two walls.

Fitted wardrobes in white provide a huge amount of hidden storage, neatly placed in line with the bay so as to make the most of the space without intruding into the room.  Fitted wardrobes on a shared wall also insulate against noise from neighbours.

Whilst I tend to prefer curtains or Roman blinds in a bedroom, to absorb sound and better block out light, the clients wanted shutters for their clean lines and to give them privacy from the street without needing sheers.  They also like to wake up with the light in the morning.  The shutters were chosen to match the weathered oak of the bed, rather than the more frequently chosen white, to be a feature in their own right and further warm up the room, complementing the wallpaper on the opposite wall.

The picture rail, height carefully chosen so as to link the windows with the wardrobes, finishes the wallpaper walls neatly as the original mouldings were long gone.

Kitchen / diner

Unusually perhaps, when there is a rear extension across the full width of a period property, it was decided that the kitchen would be in the middle reception room.  This was because the bay window at the front faces south, and thus there would be more light in the front of the property.  With a young family, the clients expected to spend much of their time in the kitchen / diner, rather than the living room, and so of course they wanted to be in the bright part of the house.

Middle reception room before - to become kitchen with doorway through to living room extension beyond

Middle reception room before – to become kitchen with doorway through to living room extension beyond

Kitchen - after, looking through the doorway into the new living room extension

Kitchen – after, looking through the doorway into the new living room extension








The dining / play area is in the front with the bay window, and the kitchen, with island unit, in the middle.  We opened up the kitchen to the new extension through the existing window space, creating wide steps down to the new room and the garden beyond.

Living room extension

This was a challenging room and it’s still not finished.  Several steps down from the rest of the house, with a lower ceiling, facing north, I thought we needed to go for cosy rather than light and bright.  Bookcases around the doorway house the clients’ large selection of books, giving colour and texture and absorbing some sound.  The shelves wrap around to the stairs up to the kitchen.  I originally wanted the shelving to actually be incorporated into the stairs but for budgetary reasons they ended up separate.  Low level lighting on the stairs is both a feature and good for safety.

Eventually, the other walls in the living room will be papered with handprinted wallpaper from Wallpaper with a Story in green, furniture and window treatments will be added to warm the room even more, but for now, this is how things are looking:

Living room extension, looking upstairs towards kitchen diner

Living room extension, looking upstairs towards kitchen diner

Bumblebee inspired Wallpaper with a Story in green

Bumblebee-inspired Wallpaper with a Story in green









Entrance hall

Light and bright, grounded with a dark recycled encaustic tile patterned floor, the new entrance hall is worlds apart from the sorry sight that originally greeted my clients!

Entrance hall - before

Entrance hall – before

Entrance hall - after

Entrance hall – after










What do you think?  Do you like the transformation?  Do you want to know where I sourced any of the items?  Let me know in the comments.


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