New year, new projects

New Year New Projects - what are you planning?

New Year New Projects – what are you planning?

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading, despite the lack of posts for, um, just the past 3-4 months… Busy work life, child starting school, family birthdays and the lead into to Christmas were not kind to a regular blogging schedule for me. Must do better…

I thought I’d kick this off again with a look at what I’d like to get done before Easter, alongside regular client work, to perhaps inspire some of you to make some similar goals.

First, the house. Or should I say bungalow. Which is a bit of a problem, as we’d rather not live in a bungalow, if we can swing it somehow. Bedrooms on the same floor as the living space has been very convenient with young children, but as they grow up we’d rather not have to creep around so much in the evenings.  Perhaps even have people round without disturbing the children. So, the plan is to investigate if it’s at all viable to make our place into a house, by building up, building under, or – eek – knocking it down and starting again. Or if the best thing to do is to leave it alone and consider moving in the future.

In the meantime, we want to spruce up the front a bit, it’s pretty shabby to say the least. Good from a ‘likelihood of being burgled’ point of view if someone is casing out our street. Not so good from a neighbourly relations point of view…

Business-wise, I’d like to fit in more blogging, somehow, and write about topics you want to read about. My most popular posts tend to be ‘how to…’ or portfolio stories. The next portfolio piece shouldn’t be too long away… in the meantime, what would you like advice on? Ask away and I will answer what I can. Leave a comment or contact me through the website if you want to keep it anonymous.

I’m also keen to upgrade the website. Not feeling very proud of that at the moment.

So it looks like the plan here by Easter is to improve first impressions – both at home and online. How about you? And what would you like me to write about?

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