How to prepare your home for Spring

How to prepare your home for springHaven’t seen much sign of it yet, but hopefully Spring will be here before long.  Even if you’re not planning on spring cleaning, there are plenty of other things you can do to help you prepare your home for Spring.

Look at everything with fresh eyes

Walk around your home looking at each room with fresh eyes, thinking about the approaching warmer months.  Does anywhere feel heavy and could benefit from a rearrangement of the furniture or accessories, or even some redecoration?


Bring in some spring bulbs – whether you were really organised and planted these in the Autumn, or you’re buying them from the supermarket, they will really help your home to feel fresh and green.

Clean windows

If you spring clean nothing else, I would suggest cleaning your windows to let more sunlight in and enable you to see as much green as possible outside!

Air the house

If the windows have been shut for most of the winter, air out the house by opening several windows – and patio doors, if you have them – for as long as you can when we have a sunny day.  If you do this first thing in the morning, while you’re rushing around getting ready to go out, you won’t get cold or let all the paid-for heat out of the house.  Or go for a sunny weekend afternoon when it’s warm enough.

Consider your decorating plans

If you are considering updating your home this year, especially any outside work, now is the time to start planning what is to be done.  Otherwise, before you know it, the tradesmen will be booked up or we will be past the longest day and the light evenings will start to draw in again, limiting the time in which you can work.

Spend some time thinking about your home and how it’s working for you.  Even if there’s nothing glaringly obvious to be updated or changed, life changes and there are always little bits that can be improved to make your life easier.

Reorganise clothing

Clean and put away (if you can) thick winter coats, boots, skiwear, hats, scarves, gloves and anything else that is unlikely to be needed for a few months.  Get rid of anything that is at the end of its life, the kids have grown out of or you are unlikely to use next winter.  Seek out your lighter coats and footwear, if it’s not to hand.

Hope the above helps you prepare your home for Spring – need to get on and do it myself now!

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