Project story – Riverside Apartment

This riverside apartment was a 1990s build which had not been decorated since the developers left. The client uses it during the week, spending the weekends with his family. He was happy with the layout, kitchen and bathrooms, and he also wanted to keep much of his existing furniture, for the time being. So, the brief was to warm it up a little, improve the lighting, improve the acoustics, and source some higher quality window treatments, some furniture and new flooring.

The client has a clean and unfussy style, and ruled out wallpaper, carpet, new rugs and pattern. How to warm up a space without these?

We went for neutrals with a warm undertone, and plain accent colours. Also, the fabrics that we used for the curtains and upholstered headboard were on the heavy, textured side, for maximum warmth and sound absorption.

Here’s the before and after for you.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom - before

Master bedroom – before

Master bedroom - after

Master bedroom – after

The master bedroom was warmed up using an off-white paint with a warm, almost pink, undertone (used throughout), and deep purple velvet curtains and silk lampshades.  The blackout-lined curtains with simple pelmet give complete darkness for sleeping and significantly improve the acoustics, as does the upholstered headboard.  The bedside tables and a bespoke tallboy are in greyed oak, and the new floor is simple oak with a matt varnish (used throughout).

Second bedroom

The second bedroom is used occasionally.  We chose a deep red for the accent colour here, with the same paint and flooring as the master bedroom.  The bed from the master bedroom is being reused here for the time being.  Similar curtains, heavy velvet with a simple pelmet, again provide blackout and absorb sound.

Second bedroom - before

Second bedroom – before

Second bedroom - after

Second bedroom – after

Surprisingly, the original developer had left this awkward alcove rather than providing a fitted wardrobe. We filled the space with a triple wardrobe with plenty of shelves and hanging room, finished in the same paint colour as the walls, to help it disappear.

Wardrobe alcove - before

Wardrobe alcove – before

Wardrobe alcove - after

Wardrobe alcove – after


Living / dining area

This was painted and the floor replaced.  The old pelmets and vertical blinds were removed. The new curtains are made from a textured cream heavyweight fabric, with pinch pleat headings on an invisible track mounted to the ceiling.

Living area - before

Living area – before

Living area - after

Living area – after

The wall lights in the dining area were updated.  The client’s existing furniture remains in this area for the time being.

Dining area - before

Dining area – before

Dining area - after

Dining area – after

What do you think about this updated riverside apartment? Do you want to know where I sourced any of the items? Let me know in the comments.

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