Design Consultations

If you have a fair bit of confidence that you can get the home you want on your own, but you just need a little help and guidance, try one of our design consultations.

How it works

Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you over a preparatory package to help you get the most out of our meeting.  You’ll fill this in and send it back to us, along with some photos of the space, and anything else you think might be useful.

When we meet, whether it’s in your home for half a day, or on Skype for an hour or two, we can hit the ground running and dive straight into giving you specific and practical advice, ideas and shops to look at.

What you get

Half a day of design advice tailored to fit you and your home.  Huge relief that there is a solution for that awkward corner you just couldn’t work out what to do with / somewhere to put that awkward heirloom / a way to make your gloomy kitchen feel so much brighter.  And so many ideas and so much enthusiasm that you won’t know what to do with it all!  If you’re worried you won’t remember everything, you can have the notes from our meeting too.

We’ll have a follow-up chat in case there was anything you forgot when we met, or any other questions that have occurred to you.

Use the form here to get in touch and book a consultation now.

If you think you need more help, take a look at our Full Design Service.

If you have a consultation and then decide that you want more help, don’t worry – we’ll offset the cost of the consultation against the cost of the extra work. For example, you might decide that you want someone to manage the work after all, or you want to source items at trade price.

So if you’re not sure how much help you want, book a consultation. We’ll make sure you won’t pay twice!